My Story

Throughout my life, I've used sports and outdoor pursuits to help with the anxiety I feel in social situations. I might not be able to say hi if I meet you at a party, but, if we're both heading down a woodland trail, I feel like I can be me.

A former pro-level mountain bike racer, after a two-year injury derailed me, I took up trail running as a way to get back into the outdoors, take on new challenges, and make new friends in my new city.

In my professional life, I'm an inpatient physical therapist at a local sub-acute rehab. I focus on geriatrics and helping people with neurological conditions improve their mobility and quality of life.

Other things that bring me joy are riding and training horses, rock climbing, playing hockey, cooking elaborate meals, dabbling in various arts (oil painting, crochet, knitting, and refurbishing furniture, to name a few), and collecting enough house plants to turn my apartment into a jungle.

Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit.
— Edward Abbey, author and environmental advocate