I'm hardly an expert on social phobia/anxiety or running, but, luckily, there are those out there that know a lot more than me! The following links go into more depth about social phobia/anxiety and treatment options. And, because everyone should go play outside more, I rounded the list out with some great ways to get more involved in trail running and time outdoors!

Social Anxiety Fact Sheet

An information page provided by the Social Anxiety Association. They are, in their own words, a nonprofit organization that promotes understanding and treatment of social anxiety disorder.


MAYO CLINIC: Social ANxiety Disorder info


This Mayo Clinic site has a great overview on the disorder and links to more information about treatment options. It's easy to read and gives useful and actionable advice, even if you don't go and get formal medical treatment.




This National Institute of Mental Health website for anxiety disorders gives another great run down on the condition, treatment, risk factors, and has links to clinical trials in various areas. It gives info on the multiple varieties of anxiety disorders as well as social anxiety specifically.


Run Fastah Coaching

Run Fastah Hat.jpg

My coaches! Scott (for my running) and Samantha (for my strength training) are fantastic! They create fun and personalized training plans, answer all my questions, are easy to reach when I need extra support, and help me balance training with the rest of my life.


Trail Animals Running Club


When I moved to Boston for grad school, it was the outdoor sports community in upstate NY that I missed the most. I started with TARC by volunteering at a 100 mile event and quickly realized that this was the group that I was looking for to fill that void. Though I'm still working on hitting up some group runs (social phobe after all...), when I've been to races or volunteered at events, I've felt 100% accepted and feed off the general joy of this group.

US National PArks

I mean really. How can you not love the National Parks? The link associated with the title brings up the page for free entrance days, just in case you weren't already convinced. Get outside, people, it's there for you to explore and share!

Enjoying the view after running up Mount Ellinor, WA.

Enjoying the view after running up Mount Ellinor, WA.